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Providing space for graduate artists to become professional artists

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Magenta has several artists associated with it, varying from established artists who help by contributing with the fruits of their experience and wisdom to those fresh out of art school who are just starting their art careers.
Katie O'Hanlon Art teacher and multidisciplinery artist, working in books, photography and painting as well as joint founder of Magenta
Brendon O'Hanlon Recent MA graduate, an Artist for whom everything starts with drawing and painting yet crosses to video, audio and anything in between. Joint founder of magenta see his work at www.brendlefly.co.uk
Umbrell @RA
Mike Hutchison Artist and engineer living and working in London, UK. Whose art work is a reflection of his interest in the interaction between man, nature and the creations that surround him. www.michaelhutchison.co.uk
Ed Cousland Painter and teacher, originally an Abstract Painter who's work involved instinctive composition and frequent obliteration of images, now branching into the figurative.
Michaela Latham Artist reclaiming and rediscovering her art, painting and abstracting images she has created over the past decade
Chris Ward

Painter, particularly influenced by film noir producing poingant paintings on textured rich surfaces. See more of his work at www.artbreak.com

Toni Ali Italian traveller turned artist, making beautiful art from cultural artefacts collected throughout the world. See his painting, collage and photography at www.toniali.com

Mary Ruggeri

My portraits are stylised and simplistic.   I try to capture the essence of the person rather than produce a rigid like for like image.   This results in some features being slightly exaggerated and some being toned down.    In either way, the person is always recognisable and complete.      I prefer to paint children because they have faces unencumbered by the rigors of time and life experience.  Childhood is a magical and mysterious age and should be constantly celebrated as a way of redeeming our own memories of that distant and timeless past

Friends and Former Magenta Artists
Marc Aaron Hyman

Abstract painter playing with depth and very industrial and urban elements

Marcus Orlandi Artist specialising in performance and video and live interaction crossing between fine art and theatre
Ernest Zacharevic Lithuanian Classically trained artist making a big splash in Malaysia. Working in everything from Oil paint to stop motion animation to cigarette smoke, one of the first artists to take space at Magenta